• Debate: Challenges and opportunities. Product and brand in the time of digital transformation of consumer, sector and economy
  • How much more will Poles pay for sweets in 2020?
  • The real picture of the sweets and snacks market in Poland – trends and forecasts
  • The role of sweets and snacks in the era of consumer experience
  • Health for all. Zdrowie dla wszystkich. Health-promoting trends as a chance for sweets and snacks sectors
  • Price pressure a challenge for suppliers and distributors of sweets
  • Debate: Cost rollercoaster – unstable market, growing prices of raw materials and energy pose challenge to the food sector

Distribution channels

  • Sweets distribution channels in Poland – the most prospective retail concepts and formats
  • Coffee shop chains and HoReCa sector an opportunity for the sweets and snacks sector
  • Convenience stores – sweets, snacks and coffee 24 hours a day
  • Biedronka, Lidl, Netto, Aldi – strategies of discount chains for the On The Go category of sweets, snacks and food
  • Shopping for drivers. Categories of the greatest growth potential in the fuel station sales channel
  • Case Study: Biedronka – private label dark chocolate 95% cocoa / Fair Trade. What does this mean for the producers?
    What does it tell about changes in the market?

Market and challenges

  • Cocoa rules! The future of chocolate products
  • Handmade – the market of handmade sweets is growing
  • Reformulation! New ingredients and additives support the innovation market
  • Transport costs kill the profitability of producers. The sector is looking forward to technological revolution
  • Convenience! Simplicity! Quickness!
  • Investments of sweets producers – sector development potential and directions
  • Ice-cream weather. Climate changes affect the consumption style of sweets and snacks among Poles
  • Dairy industry conquers snack sector

Consumer and trends

  • Tailored made sweets – product customisation in the era of digital transformation and social media
  • Small size is the king size – sweets and snacks market is looking for response to consumer expectations
  • Dialogue with a young consumer. Smart packages and new technology
  • Safety and power! A consumer wants to know more about the product and its origin
  • The scourge of allergies! Consumer problems provide a business development opportunity
  • Take advantage! Increasingly shorter product life cycle changes the promotion and sales strategies
    of producers
  • Sweets and snacks in the shopping basket of Poles. Is there still room for category growth?

Business transformation

  • Sweets and snacks in the circular economy. Will the EU plastics directive change the market and consumer habits?
  • Smart Company – building the business effectiveness on the basis of new technology
  • No longer a place for compromise? Companies have to reconcile care for environment with the fight
    for a low price
  • Dual food quality in the EU. How to avoid accusations of dividing consumers for the better
    and worse ones?
  • Does the excess production capability block further consolidation of the confectionery market in Poland?
  • Debate: The sweets sector driven by health and responsibility for the consumer and environment. Brands promote active lifestyle.

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